Ravencrest is no ordinary town. Although on the surface there's little to separate it from any other town, mingling with the general population are types of people who are 'different'. As they hide their differences from the general population, there are collectively known as the 'Unseen'.

Black Cross(es)Edit

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An organization of Black Magic users. Not a lot is known about them but are rumored to be started by the Gerhardt family centuries ago.


Rarely seen in the mortal realm, however two temporarily took human form to foster a child until Lady Moon arranged her adoption.


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Living in a parallel dimension, invisible to humans and to most of the Unseen, the Fae are some of Ravencrest's most elusive inhabitants. However, they can be detected by witches, who refer to them as "The Sacred" or "The Sacred Ones".


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When discussing succubi it is important note, that despite what myth and legend tell us, they are not strictly speaking demons. That isn't to say that they are any less dangerous. Succubi feed off the sexual energies of humans and other unseen.


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Other than Wisteria, all the vampires within Ravencrest were created from males - usually at the annual Halloween party but sometimes on other occasions instead. They are typically selected for both their ability to cope with the change and for their potential 'talent'. Unlike most of the factions, vampires are virtually immortal (although they do have a weakness to sunlight and can be killed with a wooden stake through the heart).


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There are many different species of Weres within Ravencrest, however once the secret is revealed to members on their sixteenth birthday, they are able to transform at any time (as opposed to just during the full moon).


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Witches are Ravencrest's magic users. The craft is usually matriarchal (i.e. passed down the female line), although on rare occasions it is possible for a male to be able to practise the craft.

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The Order of the Sacred Heart. This organisation comprises Norms who pursue a path of hunting and destroying members of the Unseen. For this reason, the unseen colloquially refer to them as "Hunters".

The Knights of the Sacred Sword. This organization is not quite the antithesis of the Hunters, more they are the original that the Hunters corrupted when they began killing all Unseen. Because of the higher profile of the Hunters they have been forced to fight from the shadows.

The Tenebris Petentibus. A shadowy paramilitary organization that hunts, captures, and experiments on the unseen for their own mysterious reasons. They are a separate group that has very different objectives from the Order of the Sacred Heart.