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Tracy Locke

Tracy Anne Locke

Age: 16

Wolf Form Color: White

Tracy is the third child of Tobias Locke, born a boy named Trevor. On the night of Trevor's 16th birthday he, his father, uncles and cousins went up to the family Hunting Lodge like they do every year. It was Trevor's first visit---a rite of passage of his coming of age. During the transformation and subsequent hunt, Trevor turned into a beautiful female wolf. Upon returning to human, Trevor retained a female form.

Frustrated, her father completely abandoned her.

While trying to adjust to her new life, Tracy gets pulled into a mystery that involved murder, betrayal and politics galore. Every piece of evidence pointed to her father but Tracy convinced there was another culprit behind it. With the help of her friends Mary and Greg she was able to get to the bottom of things and reveal the true bad guy: Damien Cross, a jealous and angry Were Lion.
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Tracy-Wolf form

The circumstances of Tracy's change are still a mystery. The only possible clue she has is in the form of a diary titled For The Fairest and a letter addressed to her from her long dead mother (My Dearest Daughter).

At the end of December, she and her father set out on vacation together to a town in Alberta called Majestic Falls. There they encounter a pack of Were blood stealing Dingos. She and her father bond over the mutual takedown of these criminals (Bonding Time).

In late January, she and Cindy Harper get together to help another kindred spirit----Takeshi Saito (Kit and Kin).

Tracy has a german shepherd named Boomer that she inherited from her neighbors The Thompsons after they were killed by Damien Cross.