Grizzly bear3

A Ross Bear

A family of Were Bears from Majestic Falls. Though not their original name, the family changed it shortly after their people were constantly hunted for being Bears. 

They are related to the Bears of both Ravencrest and Skogshaven.

They own a little Bed and Breakfast called Deer Crossing.


The Ross's are Native American and as such they prefer things differently. They believe the term Were is derrogative so they prefer to be called Skinwalkers. In Native American tradition, a skinwalker was a man who could transform into an animal at will. 

All of the Weres in Majestic Falls refer to themselves as Skinwalkers as well.

Family TraditionEdit

The family is ruled by an Elder called a Chief and a Shaman---who is generally a woman. The Chief and Shaman are the two most important people in the family and the town. They are roles of great honor and respect to the community as a whole.

Family Members:

  1. Chief Silvermane
  2. "Nana"
  3. Munroe
  4. Tia
  5. Sandra
  6. Mark
  7. Mara
  8. Grace