Ex Umbra in Solem - From the shadow into the light

A shadowy paramilitary organization that hunts, captures, and experiments on the Unseen. They believe that through experimentation on unseen that they may find a means of creating super-human soldiers. They are a separate group that has very different objectives from the Order of the Sacred Heart.

Tenebris Petentibus is a latin phrase which, when roughly translated means, ‘Seekers of the Darkness.’

Members of the Tenebris Petentibus sometimes refer to themselves as Seekers.

Notable MembersEdit

  1. Darrell (formerly enthralled to Selina now deceased)
  2. Lieutenant Robert Barns (formerly enthralled to Rachel now deceased)
  3. Colonel Albert Steagan (converted to a succubus by Rachel)
  4. Lieutenant Freeman (current whereabouts unknown)