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St. Hill

St. Hill

The St. Hills are one of the three Were groups inside Skogshaven. Like the Harpers the St. Hill's have two distinct hierarchies one males and one females. The current Alpha's are Shango St. Hill and his sister Oshun St. Hill.

Dr. Shango St. Hill is a long time friend of Richard Kincade and was asked to move here with his family. He was made the Head of General Surgery at Eastside Medical Center five years ago.

Oshun St. Hill is a licenced Midwife, her husband is a dentist

It is not unusual for the St, Hill women to posses some magical powers. They do not necessarily get along with the Witches of Skogshaven.

Family members seen so far:

  • Dr. Shango St. Hill - Alpha male and family patriarch
  • Marie St. Hill - wife of Shango
  • Merlena daughter of Shango and Marie, twin of Sandie; currently attends Ravencrest University
  • Sandie daughter of Shango and Marie, twin of Merlena; currently attends Ravencrest University
  • Nathanial - son of Shango and Marie
  • Oshun St. Hill - Alpha female, sister of Dr Shango
  • Agwe - daughter of Oshun