Shortly after his death, Jacob Ravencrest crafted three rings and poured a bit of himself into each---thus creating the office of Lore Keeper. He gave these rings to people he felt worthy to possess the knowledge he was willing to pass on. Each ring grants its bearer access to a specific library meant for their eyes only. 

There are three Lore Keepers in Ravencrest: one for the Vampires, Weres, and Witches. Each of these have their own special title and badge of office. They also have ancient names, derived from the earlier times.

The last reported Were Lorekeeper to be in the area was in 1981. Since then, the last twenty years the duties of the lore keeper have been passed between various members of their ruling council, for when the lore keeper returns to Ravencrest. Currently the title of Were Lorekeeper has fallen to Mikaela Vance, a hybrid Wolf/Raven, who found the varlore ring by chance.

The Vampire Lorekeeper is only known to Wisteria and Carmilla.

The Witch Lorekeeper is Donna Williams, mother of Melissa and Darcy Williams.