Forest Fae by Amethystana

Fae is a broad topic used to describe many different kinds of Unseen. They are often only connected with Fairies/Pixies which is a misconception.


Living in a parallel dimension, invisible to humans and to most of the Unseen, the Fae are some of Ravencrest 's most elusive inhabitants.

They have infiltrated mortal society, by taking the place of human beings, wether by exchanging Fae children for mortal ones, or by impersonating adults.

Only the witches are aware of the Fae's presence. They refer to the Fae as "The Sacred Ones" or the "Sacred".

There are many kinds of Fae in and around of Ravencrest, most of whom answer to the authority of a King and a Queen.Thier society is composed of Nobles, Commoners and Outcasts. The Nobles protect the Commoners, the Commoners serve the Nobles, and the Outcasts refuse to serve or to protect anyone but themselves.


Unlike Ravencrest, the Fae of Skogshaven are well known to the Unseen who live there.

Sena IslandEdit

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There is only one known Fae family in Carsonville---a family of Flower Nymphs (Anthousais), The Braddocks.