This is the place where bad ideas go to die. Well not only those. Simply put, this is an occasionally updated list of ideas that have been deemed a bad fit with the DRU. They are in no particular order, currently, as there aren't that many of them. As this list gets longer, some order will be implemented.

No Unicorns...sorry guys

No Magic Eaters

The only Weres native to Ravencrest are the ones in the stories

No fan-fiction.

No Superhumans

No story concepts that start with the line: "I wanted to make it just like Story X but...."

No outlandishly crazy Weres like Shrimp or Jellyfish.

No introducing Unseen for the sole purpose of canon fodder for your protagonist.

No complaining about being told "No"

No Extinct Species (Will Be Explained Later)

No Aliens